Does the effectiveness of an advertisement depend on where you see it: in the newspaper, online, or in your own hand? The wave of the future may be logo-imprinted products, which have proven to be a better value than either newsprint or online advertising.

Newsprint advertising is becoming less and less a bargain, in a world where consumers are increasingly getting their information online. The Newspaper Association of America surveys show print advertising dropping by about 2 percent every year. The good news for business owners? Imprinted products can pick up where newsprint advertising leaves off.

Newspaper ad sales reps have long claimed that newsprint advertising is more effective than online advertising, because a newsprint ad is tangible – it’s an advertisement the potential customer clip out, hold in her hand, and carry with her to the store. Online advertising only visual.

But nothing is more tangible than an imprinted product with your company’s name, logo, and contact information. Imprinted products have a huge advantage over visual images that flicker on a computer screen and newsprint ads that appear with yesterday’s news: they are durable. Imprinted products also can be held in the hand and carried to the store, especially if your advertising specialty item is a logo keytag or an imprinted pen.

And unlike online ads that disappear with the click of a mouse, or newsprint ads that end up lining the trash can, your imprinted product will continue to be useful to the customer – and a useful advertising tool for you – for months to come.

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