About Easy Golf Stretches

Disc Contents

Our Easy Golf Stretches DVD delivers high value at an attractive price point. Our fitness and stretching instructor, Stef, has over 10 years of professional modeling and fitness instructor experience and holds a doctorate degree.

Stef walks viewers through a short segment of three major stretches to limber up before hitting the golf greens. Bonus materials include a regular stretching routine to stay on top of your game and an additional routine that is especially suited to seniors or people just getting started with a stretching regimen.

Easy Golf Stretches

  • # 1  – Overhead Reach
  • # 2 – Trunk Rotations
  • # 3 – Toe Touches

Bonus Chapters

  • Easy Stretching For Beginners
  • Stretching for Seniors

Sample clip from Easy Golf Stretches .

Easy Stretching for Golfers DVD
Easy Stretching for Golfers
# 1 Overhead Stretch
# 2 Trunk Rotations Stretch
# 2 Trunk Rotations
Easy golf Stretches DVD COrporate gifts
# 3 Toe Touches